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2019 Hair & Beauty SA Competitions

The Hair & Beauty Industry Association of SA Inc. is proud to present the 2019 Hair & Beauty SA Competitions which will be held on the 14th July 2019 at the Adelaide Convention Centre. 

If you would like to be a volunteer on the day, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We love getting people involved. If you're a qualified hairdresser, barber or makeup artist who is interested in being a judge at the competitions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to see if you're suitable for the role.

The total look theme for 2019 will be announced soon.


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 More info coming soon

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Competition Event Memberships information 

The Hair & Beauty SA Competitions have been running for nine years and the Association aims to find the most innovative and original fashion trends leading into the new seasons for both hair and makeup.

It extends to Catwalk Make-up & Hair, body art and themed Total Looks for the more creative.

More than 200 entries have emerged from around South Australia for the Pre-Done and State Hair & Make-up Competitions that are supported by local and interstate sponsors.

The competitions are a fantastic chance for the young or new competitors to get attention from the industry.

THE LIVE COMPETITIONS (previously the State Comps) provide the opportunity to see peers in action as they battle it in 16 sections out on the floor for first places to gain the prestigious awards.


The judging panel comprises of Adelaide’s top leading stylists and make-up artists. So the top place awards are received by hairdressers and make-up artists who create outstanding work that support a total fashion look, is original and both innovative with a commercial edge.



The competitions are run by a group of passionate industry professionals and volunteers and could only be possible with the support from our sponsors.

The competitions provide a great platform for students, apprentices and businesses to showcase their talents and be recognized and rewarded for their achievements.

We are always on the lookout for active industry people to come on board the Competition Committee. If you love working in an industry minded, professional and creative team, come and join us. Feel free to call the office on 08 8271 1355 for more information or to register your interest.

These awards continue to demonstrate the exceptional standard of Hairdressing & Make-up Artistry in South Australia.

Not only have the 2018 winners proven that they are among the best in the business, but they have shown a creative interpretation of trends to create fashion-forward looks.

The Comps are continuing to evolve with the make-up special effects and body art sections growing and new sections such as the Avant Garde Gala, Runway Catwalk and Barbering.




Outstanding Trainee of the Year 
Highest score (points) in all three junior sections 
Senior Hair Artist of the Year 
 Highest score (points) in all three senior sections
Highest score (points) in all three Open Barbering Sections 

CBS Hairdressing & Barbering Communications Campaign


 1462 HairdressingCampaign 11462 HairdressingCampaign 3

 Your responsibilities under consumer law

Compared to other industries, Consumer and Business Services (CBS) has received a low number of complaints about hairdressers. While this is a credit to the industry, it may also be due to customers not knowing that the hairdressing industry is subject to certain consumer guarantees through the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) or how to make a complaint if they are unhappy with a service.

Under Australian Consumer Law a hairdresser or barber must guarantee that their services and/or any product resulting from their services are:

  • provided with due care and skill;
  • fit for purpose and of a standard expected to achieve the desired results that the customer made known; and
  • provided within a reasonable time.

In addition to the issue of whether a hairdresser is qualified, the two most common areas of customer complaint are: hair extensions that matted and/or failed to hold; and hair colouring that did not meet the colour the customer expected or that resulted in damage such as a burnt scalp or skin staining.

A qualified hairdresser or barber will aim to provide a service with “due care and skill”. However, being able to meet the guarantee of “fit for purpose and of a standard expected to achieve the desired results” becomes more difficult when a product is supplied by the customer. For example, in a situation where a customer provides the hair colouring or hair extensions, the hairdresser would need to be cautious about their ability to guarantee a particular outcome and thus meet the Australian Consumer Law of “fit for purpose”.

Australian Consumer Law protects both clients and businesses. For further information about consumer guarantees and your responsibilities under consumer law please refer to:

Updated qualifications for hairdressers and barbers

South Australian hairdressers and barbers are regulated by the Hairdressers Act 1988. Under this Act a person is automatically qualified to practice as a hairdresser or barber provided they hold qualifications prescribed by regulation, or have qualifications, training or experience that the Commissioner for Consumer Affairs considers appropriate.

The hairdressers’ qualifications were updated in October 2016 to reflect new course codes. This includes recognition of the new barbering qualification (Certificate III in Barbering).  This update does not affect a hairdresser or barber who was already qualified on 27 October 2016 or who had commenced training to become qualified.

People with overseas qualifications need to ensure those qualifications meet SA regulations. The Department of State Development has a unit that assesses whether an overseas qualification meets the standard required in SA. Consumer and Business Services (CBS) will now recognise a certificate issued by that unit.

CBS is currently running a campaign to inform consumers of their rights under Australian Consumer Law and that hairdressers and barbers providing a service in SA need to be qualified. 

 Find the CBS printable posters for your salon here

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