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2018 Projects


The New SA Register for

Qualified Hairdressers and Barbers

This initiative is based on the SA Government’s Hairdressers Act which stipulates hairdressers and barbers must be qualified.
The Association believes unqualified hairdressers (and barbers) are detrimental to the industry; but it would be strengthened if a significant number of unqualified hairdressers transitioned to being qualified (or recognised) as per the Act and through the Association's STAR (Skills and Training and Recognition) program.
The Register will help identify the level of unqualified hairdressers and barbers. It will be updated every year and made available to the Commissioner of Consumer and Business Services (CBS) – the government department that manages the Act.

Hairdressers and barbers will be able to easily apply to go on the Register by going to the Association’s website and following the prompts.

The Proposed Hybrid Pre-Apprenticeship Trial

The Association is at present in conversation with SA government to establish a Hybrid
pre-apprenticeship trial.

The aim of this trial is to take pre-apprenticeship students through an enriched program involving course study through a RTO, work experience in salons, social and industry events and a mentoring program throughout the trial period. The aim is to impart highly usable skills that will make them very employable as an apprentice for one of the participating salons.

For more information on the Pre-apprenticeship Trial and to register for this Trial please to go Association’s website .

2018 Hair & Beauty Ball

The Association is Celebrating over 80 years as the peak body for the hair and beauty industry in SA with a fabulous end of year Hair and Beauty Ball.
More exciting news coming soon.

A Register and STAR Program for Unqualified Hairdressers to Become Qualified/Recognised

This register is the first step in a process whereby unqualified hairdressers and barbers may be able to become qualified or recognised as per the SA Hairdressers Act. The program for this process is called the STAR (Skills and Training and Recognition) program.
For detailed information on the STAR program for unqualified hairdressers and how to apply, please to go Association’s website and follow the prompts.

LEAD (Learn Educate and Develop) Program

Run twice monthly these are business and education seminars, forums and workshops for Association members and the greater hair and beauty community. Each session is run twice (in the morning and again in the evening) throughout most of the year. Topics include Taxation, OHS, Insurance as well as business sessions on such things as HR, IR, setting budgets and costs, employment, staffing, and apprenticing for success
(see reverse for dates and times).

2018 Hair&BeautySA State Competitions

To make way for the special 2018 Hair and Beauty Ball, the Association is combining the 2018 Pre-Done competitions and the Live competitions into one event. The combined Competitions will be held in May 2018.
More information in January 2018!