How To Be A Barber: What Is A Barber

 The How To Be A Barber Episode One explores what a barber is including daily tasks, the work environment, skills, abilities & personal qualities seen in barbers, employment type, hours, good things & the challenges.


How To Be A Barber: History Of Barbering

 The How To Be A Barber Episode Two delves into the gritty past of the barbering profession.



How To Be A Barber: Barbering Its A Thing

 How to be a Barber Episode 3 looks at the trends within the industry, the community aspects, competition opportunities & the emergence of the female barber.


 How To Be A Barber: A Funky Career

The How To Be A Barber Episode Four looks at the journeys and experiences of a few of South Australia's barbers.


How To Be A Barber: Becoming a Barber

How to be a Barber Episode 5 explains the pathways ot becoming a barber. Within South Australia there is now a Certificate III in Barbering so you can focus on the aspects of hairdressing that you want to do. Hairdressers can also provide their current recognised qualifications and be trained in the areas where they need further development to receive the Certificate III in Barbering. 


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